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7. September 2019. PRODUCTION


Brojka produkcija upoznajte producenta

The producer is someone who appears at the beginning of every story. He has found the script, thought it was interesting and now he wants to show it to the world. He will gather the most important people to start a project and he/she will be a part of it from the first to the last day. After selecting the script and the director, his responsibilities in the film are; the employment of the film crew (technical and acting), coordination, budget care, and providing additional finances, if necessary. He manages people and money to complete the project within a deadline and a budget. As some gray eminence, behind the scenes, he will be looking for solutions to various financial or creative problems.

Upoznajte producenta

During one project, the producer experiences a number of stressful situations. Making a movie involves a large amount of money needed each day to make everything work smoothly. When it comes to a lot of money, the stress is enormous because any prolongation of filming (or cancellation), means an additional amount of money that has to be spent.

Film set can become stressful at one point, especially if you are late with filming or something goes wrong. When we add all this to the private life of a producer, which almost ceases to exist during his obligations on the project and with the pressure of family and/or friends, we get a wide range of stressful situations. But in every project, there will be a lot of laughter, ingenious and fun moments that will be retold for years to come, wonderful people will become your friends and the cheerful times you will have will make all that stress bearable.

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Not only because of the stress, but also the amount of work that needs to be done every day, the producer often has several assistants. Of course, the larger the project, the greater the number of assistants. The producer must also have fantastic social skills. He must know the team very well or at least make an effort to get to know them. Furthermore, a good producer has an individual approach, a cool head and determination. He often finds himself in a situation where he has to choose between various creative solutions and find the most efficient ones.

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When you wake him up in the middle of the night, if he’s not dreaming that he’s on set, a good producer always knows the budget and how much more money is left until the project is over and how to distribute it. With all the dynamics of the job and the pressures from all sides, sudden changes and sometimes the complete collapse of the entire system – working in production is still one of the best jobs ever.

Being part of such a creative mechanism and witnessing of a new work of art being born, is priceless.

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