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We create original and highly produced applications and games, content for interactive experiences

  • a well-coordinated team of illustrators, animators, programmers, writers
  • experience in developing interactive experiences for brands
  • experience in developing interactive experiences for museums and interpretation centers
  • experience in developing interactive experiences for events

Video games we created for our Clients

Higher level of marketing! Higher level of experience!

In the 21st century, your potential customers or visitors to your establishment do not have to be passive observers served with audiovisual content such as advertisements, commercials or promotional films. They can participate in an attractive interactive experience that will entertain them and that they will fondly remember.

Video games as a medium have existed for several decades, and today each of us at least has some “game” on our smartphone. However, the potential of video games in marketing and building museum and educational experiences has not yet been sufficiently exploited.

Video games are a medium close to many generations, not just children. Gamers, regardless of age and gender, have a common desire to compete and explore virtual worlds in which they can use their skills to change the outcome of a story.

What will you achieve with the app or video game?

štoperica sa naznačenim proteklim vremenom, duže vrijeme interakcije, razvoj aplikacija i igara, interaktivan sadržaj, interaktivni sadržaji

If your game is fun, players will spend hours and hours in the world of your brand. Can you even imagine a situation where anyone watches your ad for hours?

siluete dvije muške i jedne ženske osobe, veći anganžman korisnika, razvoj aplikacija i igara, interaktivan sadržaj, interaktivni sadržaji

People are much more engaged with interactive content because they allow them a kind of expression of themselves through the presented content.


A quality application or game consists of a number of expressive means, from visual to sound and narrative. You can use all of them to show the personality of your brand. When we create interactive content, we create a world inspired by your brand.

Instead of investing your marketing budget in classic commercials that annoy your audience, invest that same budget in something that will entertain them. It is possible that such a decision will pay off many times over.

Apps we produced

What kind of app or game to choose?

Application development and games are a separate universe full of different platforms, technologies, genres and ways of interacting. Our team will help you choose the optimal type of game for your brand, museum or interpretation centre.

  • part of a competitive prize game by which you promote your product
  • educational experience in your museum or interpretation centre
  • a fun experience at your hotel
  • an innovative experience at events organized by your company
  • an effective way of educating employees

Gamification of experience

How does gamification work in practice? Imagine that your museum deals with ancient heritage.

In one segment of the museum, you want to introduce visitors to how the economy of ancient Rome functioned on a daily basis. The goal of the visitors is to buy one item, such as leather boots that cost three gold coins. A visitor must collect three gold coins to buy boots using an augmented reality application in the space. He simply finds one gold coin on the floor, which gives him a reason to find the other two. At various museum locations, the visitor will have to perform simple games inspired by old crafts to earn the other two gold coins.

Once the visitor collects all three gold coins, the visitor gets his virtual leather boots. The virtual prize can be exchanged for a special discount at the museum store.

What are the steps of development?

Before writing the first line of code or drawing the first character, it is necessary to devise a game concept that will unite all the creative and technical aspects of the game.

To get to the concept of the game, we need to answer these essential questions:

  • what genre will our game or experience be?
  • will it be 2D or 3D?
  • what will the characters be like?
  • in whose role will the user be?
  • what kind of world will the player explore?
  • for whom do we create the game?
  • who is our typical player?
  • which game engine will we use to develop the game?
  • for which platform are we developing the game – a smartphone, a game console or something else?



At this stage, the concept of the game slowly begins to turn from an idea into a real interactive product. Game designers, writers, artists and developers are slowly putting together pieces of a complex puzzle that requires the collaboration of different types of creatives and engineers. A story and level of design are being developed that must be in line with technical and production constraints.

What does that mean? A writer and an artist (illustrator, animator) cannot design 150 different NPCs (non-playable character) within one level if the “game engine” used is not able to withstand that much load. Creating an interactive world requires an elegant balance between the technical and creative aspects.


Most of the time, effort and resources are spent right during the production phase of the game. During this phase, the atmosphere in the team is the busiest and most dynamic. Many parts of the future game are created in parallel, and we will list only some:

  • designing and rendering characters until the desired look is achieved
  • sound design experts are developing a game’s sound landscape that will track all the essential interactions in the game
  • level designers design dynamic environments that players will enjoy and explore
  • writers complete scripts, and if the characters in the play speak, hours of recording dialogue in the studio with professional actors follow
  • developers write thousands of lines of code to bring every essential element of the game to life

Project managers coordinate the work of all creatives and engineers to complete the game on time.

check lista ili provjerni popis po stavkama, testiranje, razvoj aplikacija i igara,

Every function and mechanics within the game should be tested to make sure that players will have an optimal game experience. Any imperfection affects their gaming experience as it distracts them from the story and atmosphere.

lansiranje rakete, službeno predstavljanje, razvoj aplikacija i igara,

It’s time for your game to see the light of day on your website, at your museum, or at your event. Our team monitors how much players enjoy the game experience and suggests improvements and upgrades for new versions of the game.

What can we do for you?