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Creative production of top notch video content.



We specialize in creating top-quality promotional films that bring your company and its values closer to the audience

  • want to make a promotional film that will inspire your employees?
  • want to make a promotional film that will show the values of your company and a pleasant way of working in your offices?
  • want a promotional film that will attract new, quality employees?
  • want a promotional film to mark important moments of your company, anniversary or award?
  • do you want a film that will effectively introduce your new employees to the tasks in the workplace?
  • do you want a promo documentary to be shown in your museum or interpretive centre?


If the answer is ‘yes’ to at least one of the questions, then you need a professionally conceived and produced promotional video that will clearly convey all the essential information that needs to reach your target audience.

What will you achieve with a good promotional film?

dočarajte bitno,

Promotional video allows you to use how the magic of film media conveys essential information. A promotional video is often much more effective at inspiring an audience than, for example, a long lecture given at a conference.

Reassure the viewer of your credibility and the value of your business. A clear and entertaining promotional film can help you gain the trust of viewers.

dizaći uteg sa brand markicom, ojačati svoj brand, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

The best promotional video doesn’t explain things in a dull way. It subtly conveys the values of your brand through the transmission of essential information.

Length matters!

These days, the attention of the audience is extremely limited. Numerous attractive and short videos fight for a few seconds of attention. But communicating important things to specific audiences still takes a little time, at least a few minutes.

Depending on the purpose and target audience, a promotional film can last from a few minutes to an hour. It is important to note that a promotional video does not necessarily have to be long – and the same rules apply to it as for a short online video: you need to be informative, fun and useful, and capture the viewer’s attention from the start.

What distinguishes it from short internet videos is the complexity of the topic it deals with and the level of concentration of the audience. For example, your new employees will watch a slightly longer video that explains the important details of the new job.

5 tips for better promotional films

puna čašica za rakiju, kratko, promotivni film, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Regardless of the importance of the topic and the attention of the audience, your video should never be longer than is absolutely necessary.

monokl sa cilindrom, jasno je slasno, promotivni film, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Choose only the most important and useful information for your video, and we will use a great script and film magic to make the complex topic interesting and clear.

čarobno kazalište, privucite pozornost, promotivni film, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Your corporate video may be a bit longer, but it should always be interesting enough, no matter the topic you are dealing with.

paleta boja sa kistom, pokažite svoje boje, promotivni film, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Don’t be afraid to show the personality of your brand in a promotional film.

Showreel for promotional and corporate films

What types of promotional film are there?

ruke koje vežu kravatu, korporativni film, promotivni film, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Behind the concept of corporate film hides a number of shorter and longer film forms that are an integral part of the company’s corporate communications. Such films are focused on the business of the company itself and its operations in the wider community. While advertisements deal with the promotion of a product or service, corporate films deal with a wide range of topics that are often not directly related to the product or service itself.

Themes and opportunities for making corporate films:

  • company annual report – essential information for shareholders
  • winning an important prize
  • individual successes of company employees
  • important changes in the ownership structure of the company
  • socially responsible company operations
  • documenting an important event
  • the company as an essential factor in its environment
  • transformation of the company’s business – digital transformation, transformation in the way of leading
  • the company’s business according to modern environmental principles
  • obtaining internationally recognized certificates for business and production process
  • entering a foreign market
  • record revenue growth
  • appearances at fairs, conferences and conventions
kamera sa branding video

One of the biggest challenges for modern companies is attracting quality employees that will enable them to grow and compete in a dynamic business world. In addition to the amount of the salary itself, it is extremely important for employees that the new company values them as people, respecting their talent, knowledge and personality. Since they will spend a third of the day at work, it is important for employees that the work environment is comfortable and stimulating.

Use the employer branding film to show your new and potential employees the values of your work environment. Employer branding film is used for:

  • showing the working atmosphere and describing the basic values of the company
  • showing office interior design
  • onboarding – introducing a new employee to the essential details of a new job
  • inspiring employees to be creative and progressive
  • inviting employees to participate in socially responsible actions
  • educating employees about a healthy lifestyle and balancing the business and private aspects
ruka sa prezentacijskim štapićem koja pokazuje na ekran, prezentacijski video u filmskom obliku, promotivni film, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Presenting at an important conference or pitch to new partners, live or via an online platform, can be very stressful, especially if you are worried that you will forget or skip some important fact. Reduce your stress level and instead of a classic PowerPoint or Keyonte presentation, make a video that will summarize everything important in a rounded and fun whole. We can help you turn your presentation into a film medium and win the viewer’s attention.

Why is it good to make a presentation in the form of a film?

  • reduces the fear of public speaking – after your introduction the film ‘performs’ the rest of the presentation
  • all the essential information is in one place – you won’t miss anything important to say or show
  • film medium is more effective than classic presentation – attractive animations, sound effects and an impressive change of shots are available to you
  • you can easily use it at several events, share it on the web or social networks, so that anyone who was not at the event can see it
mikrofon i oblaćić sa tekstom razgovora, dokumentarno reportažni film, promotivni film, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

The form of documentary film is experiencing its renaissance. On Netflix, popular documentaries are often more watched even than expensive feature series. On the other hand, Croatia has an impressive tradition of artistic documentary film that deals with the unknown destinies of the people around us.

People like to watch documentaries because they open a window into a life that would otherwise be hidden from them, at least for a short time. Contemporary documentaries use visual and directing procedures that are close to a feature film to show stories from reality, which gives documentaries an additional appeal.

You can mark an important anniversary with a documentary about your company. A documentary can also be part of the exhibits of your museum or interpretation centre.

Why we think we a great choice for shooting your documentary?

  • we bring together excellent screenwriters and documentary filmmakers
  • we have a production team experienced in creating longer film forms
  • we are extremely experienced in animation, so we can complement your documentary with impressive animated content
  • we have experience working in different technical conditions
  • we follow domestic and international documentary production
mapa sa dokumentima okružena EU zvijezdicama, EU projekti, promotivni film, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Promotional films made as part of EU projects usually have a slightly different purpose than classic promotional materials. They have certain laws of visibility that must be well implemented, and much more attention is paid to the formal elements, since transparency and to some extent objectivity are very important in presenting the execution of projects.

Promotional films we produced for our Clients


Over the years, we have also worked on many European Union projects, with non-governmental and governmental organizations. From small stories with local authorities to large productions with international organizations. Every such project has an important message, it is socially significant and that is why we love doing them.

EU Projects

What do we bring to the table?

  • we make every video from scratch and completely adapt it to your needs
  • we understand that your business is dynamic – we have developed a fast process of TV commercial production
  • our original scripts are written by experienced copywriters
  • we offer art direction tailored to your needs – we choose the optimal style of original illustrations and the most suitable illustrator from our rich database of collaborators
  • we work with the best directors and directors of photography
  • we work with the best speakers – we offer professional voice-over in all languages
  • we offer adaptations to foreign languages

What can we do for you?