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The mascot crafting services we offer

  • we create mascots and creative solutions for companies, brands, products, sports clubs…
  • making the character and concept of the mascot, according to your or our ideas
  • possibilities of various mascot body constructions
  • selection of the most suitable materials
  • all mascots are handmade, and every mascot we create is easy to remember and unique
  • creating additional scenery for your events

A mascot as part of your advertising

A mascot is a revived puppet character that can be an animal, a person or an object, who, with his entire appearance, represents the identity and values ​​of your brand.

Mascots enrich every event, be it a sports match, the opening of new locations, a film or music festival, a promotional action within the mall, a public event… After all, you noticed, mascots are everywhere, and it’s no coincidence.


They attract attention, invite interaction, bring out curiosity and children’s playfulness, and not only in children. A well-designed and made mascot evokes interest, and that is precisely why it was created to promote your brand, product or company.

The benefits of a mascot for your marketing campaign

zemlja sa brand karticom, izgradnja banda, razvoj aplikacija i igara, interaktivan sadržaj, interaktivni sadržaji

Your mascot embodies the most important features of your product and brand. It conveys them in the simplest way possible, no matter the impression and tone you want to communicate.

ruka koja drži koktel, pristupačnost i privlačnost, izrada maskota, kreativna agencija

Marketing experts know that, in most cases, decisions are made based on emotions. The mascot evokes feelings and is closer to the audience than other marketing channels.

veci potencijal dosega

People take selfies with mascots and post the content on their social media profiles. They can easily transfer to T-shirts, logos, graffiti, drawings, stickers and to any known medium.

simboli poznatih gradova, Big Ben, Eiffelov toranj, Kip Slobode, prepoznatljivost, izrada maskota, kreativna agencija

An image speaks more than a thousand words. Having a mascot in your campaign is a good choice because, in addition to having all their characteristics (striking colours, shapes and movement), it is real. Standing out in a public place, the animator communicates directly.

Showreel of some mascots we produced for our Clients

Mascot design and visualization

How to choose the best mascot for your brand can be a very delicate matter. Sometimes a solution is already hidden in the name of the brand. Sometimes it is necessary to be very creative to produce the best visualization. It is important to translate the brand values into the mascot costume, i.e. into the character that the mascot represents.

Character development thus becomes an essential component in which the ability to visualize a variety of styles. And that’s exactly what we’re strongest at – we can design the best mascot for your brand, through your brand concept.

The process of making mascots

skice maskota na papiru, planiranje, izrada maskota, kreativna agencija

After you contact us, we want to find out exactly what you want to achieve. How do you imagine a mascot? How does it fit into your broader marketing approach? In short, we define exactly what you want and need.

stol na kojemu se nalazi skica kroja, vizualizacija i dizajn, izrada maskota, kreativna agencija

It’s about sketching the look of a mascot. In addition to shape, impression and colours, we also develop functionality – the mobility of a person in a costume, field of person’s vision and balance. Sometimes it is necessary to consider the physical limitations of the animator in the costume, and therefore decide on the best design for the mascot.

After the presentation, you let us know your impressions, and we refine them according to your instructions. Only when you are 100% satisfied with the direction, our production team starts making.

krojačka lutka sa škarama, metrom i spužvom, konstrukcija tijela maskote, izrada maskote, kreativna agencija

The process of making a mascot itself consists of several steps; the first thing we do is construct the cutting parts. Then, we glue these parts together to create a shape. When the glue is compressed, the mascot is covered with material, and details are added. Finally, a helmet is installed, making it easier to wear the mascot’s head, and if necessary, we add straps for easier coordination of movements.

The whole process is demanding and involves experience, precision in work and skilled hands.

role različitih tekstilnih materijala, odabir materijala, izrada maskota, kreativna agencija

We carefully choose durable and functional materials to ensure not only longevity but also greater wearing comfort. The base we use is made of a lightweight sponge, which is then covered in velour, plush, fur or elastic fabric, depending on the needs and wishes of the Clients.

Čovjek sa obučenom maskotom i glavom maskote u ruci, završna dorada, izrada maskota, kreativna agencija

The mascots are made up of several parts. At this stage, we assemble these parts into a whole. Sometimes the individual components of the mascot are made separately, especially if a larger amount of mascots are needed in a shorter period of time. Also, at this stage, if necessary, we perform digital printing on fabric.

Dostavni kamion, transport i predaja maskota, izrada maskota, kreativna agencija

We deliver mascots within Croatia, and if it is a foreign order, we send the mascots by an international delivery service. Each mascot is in a protective bag to avoid damage during transport or storage.

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