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How to harmonise your visual communication?




Original visuals that will impress your users

  • Art Direction / artistic leadership of all types of media content
  • selecting an illustration style or visual style of a feature video
  • selection and design of characters for animation
  • selection and design of scenography and costume design for feature video content
  • harmonizing all visual elements in post-production
  • selection of the primary colour palette of your animated or feature video
  • daily collaboration with illustrators, camera operators, photographers and copywriters, to create optimal visual content
  • supervising the production process to ensure the given visual style

Projects for which we have done a complete art direction / artistic guidance service

The value of Art Direction / artistic leadership: there is a big difference between good and great visuals

The visual style of the video must match the personality of your brand.

Do you often find promotional videos on the Internet that look generic, for example, perfect looking people doing perfect things or simple, colourful animations that have no personality?

You’ve probably come across a video company that decided to create a video using stock footage – consumer videos that are easily purchased on specialized sites.

But do you want to leave the impression of a generic, boring company? Or do you want your brand story and product specifics to inspire your customers?


A few examples of artistic styles for 2D Explainer videos

Why is an original visual style important?

In the ocean of online and offline communication, your potential customers and clients need to notice you. Since sight is our dominant sense, you will most quickly attract their attention with a recognizable visual style. Their brains will register impressive colours and shapes before they can read and understand the text of the message itself.

Here’s why it’s important to create a unique visual style:

  • the original contents evoke emotion
  • a specific colour palette creates a connection with the audience on a subconscious level
  • original visual content gives the impression of a successful company or premium product
  • the initial visual style automatically sets you apart from the ocean of mediocrity

So, investing in your recognizable visual style is investing in the recognizability of your brand and strengthens the emotional connection with customers or clients. It is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

What can we do for you?

What will the Art Director do for you?

ruka koja pise po papiru, animirani film,

After initial conversations, we decided together that the needs of your campaign would be best suited to an animated video of the original visual style that mirrors the identity of your brand and suits the taste of your target audience. The quality of the visual style will be the responsibility of the Art Director / Artistic Director of the project. To bring you closer to this key activity in creative agencies, here are the tasks of an artistic director in the production of feature or animated video, i.e. advertising:

  • setting up art direction / artistic guidance for animated video after script analysis – illustration style, character layout style, background layout style
  • creating mood boards from existing visual materials to best show the desired style to both the client and creatives (copywriters and designers)
  • choosing the final direction of the visual style, in collaboration with the client
  • choosing an illustrator who will optimally produce the desired style
  • supervising the work of the illustrator and giving guidance
  • final approval of visual materials
  • working with animators in the process of previsualization to fit sketches of visual materials as well as possible into the animation
  • working with animators in the process of animation and post-production to maintain the desired visual style in the final video

If the visual materials from the video are to be used in other media, the Art Director provides guidelines for their optimal use.

ruke koje pišu scenarij na piaćoj mašini, igrani video, art direction, kreativna rješenja, kreativna agencija

 The art director will be in charge of the quality of the visual style of your advertisement.

  • setting up an art direction / artistic director for a featured commercial after screenplay analysis – visual style, the appearance of the actors, guidelines for the director of photography/cameraman, costume designer and set designer
  • creating a mood board from existing visual materials to present the desired style in advance aka previsualization
  • choosing the visual style of photography
  • elaboration of a storyboard in collaboration with a copywriter, director and illustrator
  • selection of the director of photography, costume designer and set designer who will optimally produce the desired style
  • preparation of the filming process with the creative team
  • communication with the creative team on set during filming
  • collaboration with the editor and colourist in post-production, all to maintain the desired visual style in the final video
  • if if the visual materials from the video are to be used in other media, the art director gives guidelines for their optimal use
ruka koja upravlja kompjutorskim mišem, interaktivni sadržaj

In addition to video production, we offer art direction services in other online and offline media:

  • instructions for transferring visual style from video to other media
  • art direction on social networks
  • art direction on your web page – choosing the design and style of photos and illustrations
  • art direction and design in print media
  • art direction and design for billboards
  • art direction and design for interactive experiences in museums, events etc.

What can we do for you?