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Everything you need for a pleasant shoot in Croatia and the region.




We offer you an individual approach for all shooting needs in Croatia

  • local actors and extras casting
  • location overview
  • location services
  • location filming permits
  • budgeting
  • logistics and transport
  • accommodation
  • rental of film equipment
  • an experienced local film crew
  • assistants for each department
  • post production
  • VFX supervisor on site
  • VFX artists

Service production in Croatia and the region

Whether you are looking for our advice or you already know exactly what you need – our expertise is at your disposal. From exotic locations and specific equipment to transportation, accommodation and casting of that very tall, skinny bearded man with long dreadlocks painted in rainbow colors.

Your wish can be small or big, exotic or quite ordinary – in any case we will do our best to turn it into reality!

Discover Croatian locations

Location scouting

Croatia is a small country of great diversity, natural beauty and various topographic features. From mountain peaks over wooded hills and plains intersected by rivers, to a spectacular coastline that attracts millions of visitors, there is a reason for many movies to have been shot here. The old town parts of Croatian cities testify of the historical heritage of different eras. Do you need a Central European flair? Luxurious views of the Baroque? Narrow medieval streets or do you want to conjure up the Roman Empire?

And most importantly, everything is available in just a few hours drive!


More than 15 years of experience means we’ve had the opportunity to work on a bunch of projects. Thanks to that, we know how to adapt our work to small and large budgets. We listen to the needs and adapt them to the capabilities of each Client.

In everything we do, we are guided by providing the best possible product within the budget.

Film Crew and Cast

We are proud of our long-term cooperation with the best casting agencies whose showreels we review in cooperation with Clients before hiring actors. We guarantee work with an experienced and quality local and foreign film crew.

Equipment hire

Long-term partnership and cooperation with many film equipment rentals gives us the opportunity to rent the latest top equipment. If we can’t get it – you don’t want it!


Whether you need them as action vehicles or as a mean of transportation for the actors and the film crew, we offer all types of transportation from scooters and rollerblades through cars and buses to yachts and ferries.

Sky is the limit! The sky is truly the limit because we’re not sure if we can get a jumbo jet – but we’ll try that for you too.


When shooting in a country that is one of the most visited destinations in the world, you don’t have to worry about accommodation options. Options for various types of affordable and quality accommodation are numerous therefore – be picky!

Tax Rebate

The tax refund is 25%, and an additional 5% for productions in areas of special state concern. Projects to which the refund applies are: feature films, documentaries, drama series, animation, while it does NOT apply to commercials, reality TV, game shows, soap operas.

More about tax refunds on this link:



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