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Visual effects services we offer

  • concept art, storyboard, video storyboard…
  • character and background design, 2D and 3D animations
  • animations and effects for movies, TV commercials and music videos
  • processing of raw material, ‘cleaning’ frames
  • creating complete CGI sequences/animations
  • fluid, smoke and explosion simulations
  • graphic design in the service of visual effects
  • tracking and matchmoving
  • matte painting
  • recording and processing of green screen shot material
  • rotoscoping
  • supervision on the film set
  • motion capturing on site
  • budgeting visual effects

When do you need visual effects?

Visual effects are needed in situations when you are unable to make your vision come true via filming, either due to the limitations brought to us by the real world, or the budget. For example, if you need a space scene in your project, we will not be able to really rent a space ship (unless you’re Elon Musk, or you work at NASA) – you will need visual effects. Whether it’s a combination of a live image taken on a set, or in front of a green screen, a computer-generated image, or a fully computer-generated sequence is the solution.

Also, in situations when you realize that you made a mistake on the set, which should definitely be corrected before you release the final product in front of the public. For example, someone on the set forgot a cup of coffee (hint: Game of Thrones ), and you only noticed it when you started editing! What now!? In that case, you are calling us to remove that coffee cup from the frame with the help of the programs we use and the VHX techniques we know.

And you will definitely need visual effects in situations when you decide to do some changes to an already filmed live image, which is impossible to perform without the use of visual effects. For example, you realized (too late) that you would rather have your hero wear a blue rather than a green T-shirt…or hold a bottle instead of a glass…we could go on…

Basically, there are many examples, but you get the point…

Our VFX magic

Visual effects are an integral part of high quality production

In most cases, the main feature of good visual effects is that they are NOT NOTICED.

During the production of VFX, the producer will work closely with the director to guide him in what is possible and how to create the desired effect. If necessary, a VFX supervisor can come to the shooting to ensure the best quality of input material needed for an effect in consultation with the director and director of photography.

Preparation and previsualization are key to a top level quality.

Our VFX showreel

Information on visual effects

svemirski brodovi i NLO napadaju, vizualni sto su vizualni efekti, VFX, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Visual effects is another word for animations, i.e. computer-generated images that ultimately merge with a live image, and thus modify, upgrade and/or expand previously recorded material, and help create a complete scene, as the author originally imagined. Various techniques used in creating visual effects offer many possibilities and allow authors to produce and present their ideas and make them visually more attractive.

2D vizualni efekti

What exactly is meant by 2D visual effects?

Live image interventions in situations where the camera does not move too much in space, i.e. does not rotate, but only moves up-down or left-right.

For such interventions we don’t need 3D animation and tracking software. This usually refers to to tracking, cleaning the frame, rotoscoping etc.

3D vizualni efekti

As you can probably conclude from the information from the previous point, to create 3D visual effects, we need software to track or create 3D animations. 3D visual effects are usually more complex and demanding, but therefore visually richer. Sometimes it can be a complete CGI sequence, which does not contain a shred of live image, and sometimes CGI is used only to enrich the live image and previously recorded material.


A special category of animated effects are simulations of certain things that cannot be animated individually due to their complexity.

These are primarily fluid, explosion and smoke simulations. These are visual effects that consist of a multitude of tiny parts moving together. Simulations are a bit complicated. It takes a lot of trials and errors to set the parameters that will produce the desired effect. On the other hand, such simulations also have a somewhat enchanting effect precisely because of all the parts that, in the end, turn out to be very realistic.

dvije spojene 3D puzzle, integracija, compositing, rendering, 3D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Whether it’s 2D or 3D VFX effects, ultimately VFX is often integrated with a live image, more specifically compositing computer-generated images and live images. It is a priority to do this as good as possible, so that the final product, i.e. the whole seems as natural and realistic as possible.

This is especially important when we make changes to a live image. For example, when you need to remove something from the frame that should not be there. In such situations, the visual effects must be almost imperceptible, so that in the end no one but you and the author himself, who is familiar with the changes, could even think that there is a visual effect in the frame.

When the job is finally done, we render the final image in the previously selected format.

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