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We create stories through 3D animated worlds and characters, stylized or photorealistic! 


3D animation and 3D modeling services we offer

  • 3D modeling and 3D animation, low-poly and high-poly
  • animation of 3D characters
  • modelling and animation of space, interior and exterior
  • creating and animation of 3D models of products
  • Motion Capturing system: face, body and fingers
  • VR/AR development of interactive experiences
  • 3D motion graphics, dynamic typography
  • animations for TV commercials, videos, movies…
  • visual effects, simulations, explosions, smoke, water…
  • animations for digital marketing and web video
  • photogrammetry

Some of our 3D animations

When do you need 3D animation?

Professional 3D animation has a number of benefits – from marketing and entertainment, to technical solutions. With 3D animation, you candisplay a prototype of something that does not yet physically exist, as well as create unique, complex worlds. You can also use 3D elements to enhance live footage, from expanding sets to covering up unwanted stuff in the frame.


stilizirana 3d animacija prostora


In addition to these classic applications of 3D, there are many other possibilities. Technical demonstration and presentation of products can quickly and efficiently show their features and advantages – sometimes it is simply not possible to record something in real time. The visual identity of a company raises the value of a brand when it’s presented through striking animation. And the video with 3D elements attracts attention and expands the possibilities of what can’t be achieved with classic shooting.

By combining everything, we can create everything you imagine!

Showreel of our 3D animations

What can we do for you?

The process of making 3D animation

mozak u razvojnom sjaju, koncept i planiranje, 3D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Together with you, we will define what style of 3D animation you need. The imagination of our creatives is endless. At the beginning, the most important thing is to set the project well according to the most important factors – budget and deadlines.

3D geometrijska kocka u prostoru, modeliranje, 3D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

We turn ideas into three-dimensional models. Depending on the final purpose, such models may be with more or less detail, i.e. polygons.

3D sportske lopte za nogomet, tenis i košarku, teksturiranje, 3D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

It is the textures that bring the model to life. Whether you want the animation to look realistic as a real-world object or like a cartoon character, we’ll make sure you get that. Creating textures can be digitally drawn, processed, scanned, and most often it is a combination of the above with digital finishing. Shading defines the display of texture with respect to the lightninh on the object, i.e. rendering in space.

osoba koja je pola hologram pola kostur, rigging skinning, 3D animacija, video produkcije, produkcija video sadržaja

Rigging is the placement of the “skeleton” of a character or an object that can be controlled during the animation process. Depending on how much it takes to animate a particular model and what controls we want to have over it, the complexity of the approach is decided.

minitor iz kojega izlaze 3D geometrijski likovi, 3D animacija, explainer video, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Animation is the revival of a model through the definition of direction and the way it moves through space. The possibilities of the movements are endless, from realistic to stylized.

There are several types of approaches to character animation. On the one hand we have a classic keyframe approach, where individual objects are individually animated, on the other hand we have the ability to record the movement with an actor, and subsequently switch the movement to a 3D model.

scena dvoje ljudi kako plešu u leći kamere, pokret unutar scene, 2D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

3D animation provides options that real cameras don’t have. But, on the other hand, computer cameras often succeed to make real camera movement, as if it were filmed in reality. This is primarily evident in the effort that in addition to movement, the camera has a “feel” of a classic camera, as well as certain image distortions that classic cameras have.

upaljena stolna uredska lampa, osvijetljenje, 3D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Thanks to the lighting, the scene can look identical to the real situation or completely supernatural. Without light there is no image.

But the real art is to set up a good light, either to illuminate a product’s packshot or a completely digital scene. When inserting CGI 3D render elements into a live image, the basic task is to adjust the most accurate illumination on the 3D elements within the frame, to make them look as if they were captured in an existing, real location.

3D prikaz učitavanja, renderiranje, 3D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

This is the final part of the 3D animation process.

When all the elements are ready, the final images are created. But 3D elements, and primarily the entire 3D space, can become very demanding to render if the scene and elements are not optimized well. Whether going to a rendering farm or rendering in a studio, optimization is necessary to keep the rendering time under control.

dvije spojene 3D puzzle, integracija, compositing, rendering, 3D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

We insert the rendered 3D animation into the filmed video or combine it with other 3D elements and backgrounds.

The combination of individual layers, as well as the combination with other elements, creates the impression of photorealism. If necessary, we add special effects and refine the details. Finalized frames are returned to editing or exported independently to the desired formats.

More examples of 3D we created

Why us?

We respect the deadlines, we fight for quality, we have passion and vision…all this with 20 years of experience through which we have worked on numerous projects. With an professional approach, tight control, an eye for details and a top quality team, we are able to produce the best 3D content for your needs.

The main part of our animation team is located in Zagreb, Croatia, but some of our associates are scattered throughout Europe. We are used to work remotely through conference calls, Zoom, Skype…everything that enhances communication within the team and Clients.

The price of 3D animation

It is difficult to estimate the cost accurately until there is a concrete scenario. According to the scenario, we deliver the production elaboration and the budget possibilites. Everything else is a rough estimate based on the information we have and the examples of our previous work. It is very important that we understand each other perfectly in order to produce your vision.


Brojka Logo - Mehanička 3D animacija


The more information you can give us, the better budget estimate we can give you. The approach is different depending on the industry and/or market you are addressing. Show us an example of a style you like. It can also be just a static image or the music you imagine in the background. All this can help us to design the best 3D animation for your needs.

What can we do for you?