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2D ANIMATION – Reviving characters and stories in 2D technique


Stop Motion Animation, Whiteboard Animation, Motion Graphics Animation, Dynamic Typography…from simple video animations of objects or text movements, to character animation in 2D.


2D animation services we offer

2D animation is a very wide branch of styles and possibilities and we are able to do anything and everything!

  • character and background design, illustration, animation
  • 2D animation of objects (motion graphics) or texts (dynamic typography)
  • character animation of 2D characters
  • classic, hand-drawn, animation
  • animations for TV commercials and music videos
  • intro animations for intros
  • telop animations
  • design and animation of explainer videos
  • design and animation of videos for social networks

2D animations we created and produced for our Clients

When do you need 2D animation?

Choose 2D animation when you want to quickly create video content that will be interesting to your online audience – explainer, tutorial or any other simple video format. With 2D animation, you will effectively convey important information, but also clearly show the values of your brand.

But 2D animation isn’t reserved just for a simple video content. Two-dimensional characters in the hands of skilled animators can evoke a whole spectrum of emotions, so this type of animation is great for making more production-demanding animated TV commercials, entirely or only in the form of telops and supers within a feature TV commercial.

Showreel of our 2D animated projects

What can we do for you?

The process of making 2D animation

The production of animated content at the highest level becomes as complex as filming with actors. The difference is that a 2D animator is usually both an actor and a director, while an illustrator is a director of photography who sets the visual style with his illustrations. Here are the basic steps in creating 2D animations:

upaljena žarulja, koncept i planiranje, razrada ideje, 2D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Together we will develop an idea, and define what style of 2D animation is best for the realization of your idea. After determining the visual style and type of animation most suitable for your project and your budget, our illustrators and animators will get to work.

tri faze ilustracije miša od skice do finala u boji, izrada ilustracija, 2D aniimacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

The first step after defining a visual style is to create illustrations that the animators will later animate. Whether there are characters, backgrounds or a kind of “props” that will be used in the final video, the process of making illustrations begins with sketches. The next step is a final drawing, and lastly, a colored drawing. Now our animators take over.

Da vincii Vitruvijev čovjek u liku kostura, rigging, izrada kontrole pokreta,

First, animators have to prepare the illustrations to be able to animate them. Specifically, when it comes to characters, you need to adjust the points of the joints – this step is called rigging. It is a process of setting up a kind of “skeleton” so that we can control the character as easily as possible during the animation process. The preparation and complexity of the control we ultimately want to have over a character depends on the character’s design and the details of the illustration.

ruka koja pokazuje palac gore, iluzija pokreta, 2D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Animation is the process of reviving characters, but also the background, and all the other elements within the scene that must move through space. The animation can be stylized or realistic, depending on the visual style previously defined. 2D animation is mostly defined by the classic keyframe approach, which means that the animator sets the keyframe for each movement in the scene and thus ultimately creates the illusion of movement. However, to make their job easier, animators often use real-life (video) references.

scena dvoje ljudi kako plešu u leći kamere, pokret unutar scene, 2D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

2D animation is, as its name suggests, a two-dimensional type of animation, and unlike 3D animation, a camera in 2D animation cannot move through space. But thanks to 3D layers, the illusion of depth and movement of the camera can be created. But whether this is necessary for your project depends on the style and type of animation.

čarobni štapić sa zvijezdom, manipulacija slike, dodavanje efekata, 2D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

In some cases, the illustration style and background itself may not be visually appealing enough, or the animator simply thinks it can further enhance the visual impression of the entire animation, so he resorts to image manipulation – adding various effects resulting in different visual styles.

2D prikaz učitavanja, renderiranje, iscrtavanje sličica, 2D animacija, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Rendering complets part of the process of every animation, including 2D animation. But unlike 3D animation, rendering in 2D animation is not (necessarily) complicated or demanding, nor does it require any special optimization of the settings. There are several video formats (mp4, quick time movie, avi), or image formats (jpg, png, tiff). The size of the file and sometimes the rendering time also depend on the choice of the format. The duration depends on how big the rendered scene is, and how many elements and effects there are.

spojanje dviju 2D puzzliintegracija

In most cases, the job is done with the rendering process. However, sometimes it is necessary to insert or combine a redesigned 2D animation with some other either live or animated elements (telop animation). In this case, we combine different elements (e.g. rendering 2D animations and game background), and refine the details if necessary. The finalized image is then rendered in the previously selected format.

More of our 2D visuals

ratni zec u borbi za prirodu, kadar iz tv reklama zelena čistka, tv reklama, 2D animacija, video produkcija, kreativna agencija
ilustracija Oryxa u ulozi doktora sa stetoskopom ispred bolnice, art direction, copywriting, tv reklama, kreativna agencija, produkcija video sadržaja
stavljanje plodova grožđa na prešanje, proces izrade vina, 2D animacija, multimedijska instalacija, interaktivni sadržaj, art direction, kreativna agencija

Why us?

We have been working with animations for over 20 years and we can say that it is our specialty. 2D animation allows for much faster iteration than 3D animation. Working with 2D makes it possible to quickly try out some things to see if they work, and the corrections are pretty quick. Making a video animation can be complex or simple. It always comes down to a story or a message for which we find the best style or technique.

What can we do for you?