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We are a Creative Production from Zagreb, Croatia with more than 20 years of experience in Advertising and Film Production, 2D-3D Animations, VFX and Interactive Multimedia




Team core
8 +12
Hours of content
16h 38min
Brojka Logo - Mehanička 3D animacija
Let orla iznad dunava - VR 3D animacija i 360 video

In whatever medium you create, our key task is to revive the story of your brand and win the hearts of the audience with it.

We always spread the story – we strengthen its emotional effect, we transmit it to different media and we think about its reach.

Our roots are in video production and animation, so everything we produce for you will always be at the highest technical level. Over two decades, we have collaborated with a number of corporations and creative agencies, learning about business strategy, creative processes, and digital product production. For years we have been perfecting the most demanding craft in the world – storytelling. That is why today we proudly call ourselves a Creative Production.

Our animators, illustrators, producers and project managers work in an relaxed atmosphere. Our wide base of collaborators includes top directors, screenwriters, copywriters, visual effects masters, 3D artists, puppeteers and all the other creatives we need when we want to turn a creative concept into reality.

Let’s spice up your story together!

Kristijan Kaurić - Kiki
The founder of Brojka who found a way to balance childish playfulness and extreme work ethic. The captain of a ship who, when the wind runs out, blows into our sails.
Igor Tušak - Lucky
When he is not preoccupied with budgeting and project management he performs the duty of a morale officer, something like Neelix from Star Trek: Voyager. He resembles to Brad Pitt, though he himself would never admit that.
Jelena Vojković - Afro
A conscientious and diligent producer who describes herself as a witch on duty. But this is true only in terms of the many skills she possesses as well as the everyday care of our office which thanks to her functions like a Swiss watch. They say she follows fashion, but that's not true - fashion is following her.
Ivica Pustički - Ico
Paddington, Pooh, Baloo, Yogi, Ted, Flying Bears... Numerous bears have marked the film and animation on the other side of the screen, but there is one that is mostly located on this side of the screen and is quite a skilled illustrator and animator.
Igor Ivanović - Joe
If a small animation studio could be mounted on a bicycle, it would be a winning combination for this illustrator and lover of unstable balance.
Natko Jurdana - Lignja
Pub quiz enthusiast and everyday worker in the field of culture. A copywriter who likes to make up stories, create non-existent worlds, but also dramatizes, but this should not be particularly surprising because he is also a screenwriter.


Brojka Creative Production consists of girls and boys who design advertising campaigns, draw, illustrate, write, animate in 2D and 3D, discover the possibilities of VR and AR…

We have hundreds of projects behind us and we are sure we can help your brand, service or product.

What can we do for you?