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VR / AR / XR


Creating original experiences and interactive content.



We create superbly designed and produced experiences

  • VR – Virtual Reality – info centres, interpretation centres, museums, events
  • AR – Augmented Reality – info centres, interpretation centres, museums, events, prize games
  • devising the concept, scenario and mechanics of interaction
  • making original virtual worlds and characters
  • character and space design
  • creating complete 3D environments
  • a combination of recorded material on a green screen in 3D environments
  • adding graphics and animations to recorded VR material
  • stereoscopic 360° image
  • 360° audio recording

VR/AR experiences for our Clients

Enter a new reality

Want to impress visitors at your museum or interpretation centre?

Do you want clients to have an experience at the event that will be shared by everyone?

Let’s create unforgettable experiences together using virtual and augmented reality technologies that are rapidly evolving and becoming more and more attractive to both audiences and creatives.


But first let us look at some definitions:

VR naočale, virtualna stvarnost, VR, interaktivan sadržaj, interaktivni sadržaji

Virtual reality (VR) is a form of computer simulation in which the user has the impression that he is in a completely new world, different from the one in which he lives. Almost all of his senses are preoccupied with stimuli from that new world. When putting on glasses or a helmet, the user perceives a world that he can see by moving his head in all directions. In the case of interactive virtual reality, the user can influence the virtual world by means of head movements, voice or special controllers.

AR, proširena stvarnost, interaktivan sadržaj, interaktivni sadržaji

Augmented reality (AR) is a form of computer simulation in which physical reality is upgraded with virtual elements. Globally, the most famous example of an application that uses augmented reality is certainly Pokemon GO. Using a mobile application, this game connects the real world and geolocation data with virtual content. Players roam the real world in search of Pokemon that are located in real locations but are, of course, completely virtual.

korištenje VR naočala, mobitela i touch screenaXR, MR, prošireno doširena stvarnost, interaktivan sadržaj, interaktivni sadržaji

Augmented Reality  – refers to Extended Reality, XR and Mixed Reality MR which aim to bring even more information into virtual and real worlds.

What can we do for you?

How do we approach the creation of a new reality?

When we create content for media that are extremely new in application and whose technology is changing at an extraordinary speed, we should keep in mind the specifics of the media itself.

What does that mean?

For example, when we create an experience for virtual reality, our screen is no longer a rectangular surface, but a sphere whose content we can discover by changing the angles of observation. Therefore, when creating VR and AR experiences, our team researches the latest achievements in the medium, and thinks out-of-the-box in order to design an experience that will fit perfectly into the framework of the new medium.

Our team handles both the technical and creative aspects of virtual and augmented reality.

We produce together with you, trying to find a spark of inspiration that will help us build a whole new world for your visitors.

What experiences can we create together?

Virtual and augmented reality technologies offer an endless playground for creatives.

In creating a new experience, we are focused on the user whom we want to provide an unforgettable escape from everyday life into a completely different reality.

What kind of realities can we create for you?

Imagine being able to walk with dinosaurs, cave bears and mammoths in augmented reality, observe them from all the angles, and at the same time manage to stay alive.

Imagine that, the moment you put on your virtual reality goggles, we take you 2,000 years into the past.

There is noise around you, the audience cheering. You are a gladiator in the arena and you witness and participate in the struggle for life and death first hand.

Have you ever wondered how birds or fish see the world?

Life in the air or underwater really changes the way we look at the world. Virtual reality allows you to see the world with different eyes.

Isn’t that the main purpose of all museums and interpretation centres?

A large number of visitors can disrupt the harmony of monuments and protected natural areas. But it wouldn’t be fair to deny visitors the experience of seeing impressive attractions either. Augmented reality can help you!

For you, we can transform the ambience of a monument or landscape into virtual reality, preserving its integrity, and at the same time allowing visitors to enjoy the attraction.

Both virtual and augmented reality offer you the opportunity to teach the audience about the things that matter to you through the game. Virtual reality offers interactivity using special controllers that visitors can control the game. Augmented reality gives you the opportunity to encourage visitors to learn something new in an innovative way in a real environment with the help of virtual content.

Do you often think about how to impress business partners and visitors at an event?

Give them an amazing virtual reality experience. Save on interior design and invest your budget in designing an unusual virtual world that visitors have never visited.

Provide your employees with a secure and stimulating virtual world where they can adopt new skills strategically important to your business without much stress.

Virtual Reality - an overview of platforms

Large technology corporations such as Facebook and Microsoft are investing heavily in the development of augmented reality platforms, so the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Don’t worry, we will help you choose the right platform for your experience. As technology advances at lightning speed, it is best to choose a platform once the experience itself has evolved, to ensure an optimal price-quality ratio.

The following large-scale platforms are currently available on the market:

  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Oculus Rift + Touch
  • Valve Index
  • HP Reverb G2
  • HTC Vive PRO 2
  • HTC Vive Cosmos
  • PlayStation VR

Why are we your best companion through new realities?

  • our multidisciplinary team is excellent at creating virtual and augmented reality
  • we create content that is completely adapted to new media
  • we create experiences that fit into the whole through a creative study or marketing strategy
  • behind us are years of experience working with interpretation centres and museums
  • we understand that technology is not an end in itself – it is just a tool for creating an unforgettable experience

What can we do for you?