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The future od marketing?

No – the present!


Highly produced interactive content and interactive experiences for various platforms and technologies

  • complete solution – from concept to realization with multimedia integration
  • multi-touch info tables and info walls for museums, interpretation centres, shops…
  • interactive experiences for museums and interpretation centres
  • mobile applications tailored to the campaign and the client
  • VR – Virtual Reality
  • AR and XR – Augmented Reality
  • video games for brands
  • gamification experience

Our interactive and immersive projects

What interactive content and experiences do we produce?

Let’s create an experience together using virtual and augmented reality technologies that are rapidly evolving, and becoming increasingly appealing to audiences and creatives.

Learn how virtual and augmented reality can enhance your museum or interpretation centre and provide your users with an unforgettable experience to remember.


Let’s design solutions together that will connect the physical and virtual worlds – custom mobile applications are great platforms for such experiences.

Learn how multimedia installations can enrich your business and provide visitors with an unusual experience.

Explore virtual worlds where you can use your skills to change the outcome of a story. Learn how video games can improve your business and user experience.

Gamification is the application of mechanics of games to other areas.

Why has gamification become a globally popular trend? Because by adding elements of the game to an experience we increase visitor motivation.

In this way, we achieve two goals: we ensure that as many visitors as possible adopt important facts through the game, while at the same time making the experience more fun and creative.

Let your visitors immerse themselves in a whole new world

In the 21st century, your potential customers or visitors do not have to be passive observers served with audiovisual content such as advertisements, commercials or promotional films. They can participate in an attractive interactive experience that will entertain them and that they will fondly remember. The latest technologies provide spectacular ways to build a memorable experience at your event or a fun educational experience at your museum, info centre or interpretation centre.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, video games, mobile applications and the application of gamification provide an opportunity to create interactive experiences that visitors will enjoy for a long time and that will become dear memories. But in order to create beautiful memories together, we must not put technology itself at the centre of the development of the experience, but the creativity and needs of the users. Our multidisciplinary team of creatives and technology experts will produce impressive interactive experiences for you!

Find out what we all do!

6 reasons why we produce top notch interactive content

  • by creating interactive content, our multidisciplinary team uses technology and creativity according to your goal
  • we are up to date with the latest technological advances
  • we create content that is completely adapted to new media
  • we create experiences that fit into the whole of your marketing plan
  • years of experience in working with interpretation centre and museums are behind us
  • we are inspired by original stories

Some other examples we produced

What is the cost of such a content?

It depends!

A lot can be done in a number of ways and every interactive content we’ve done has been done in the dimensions possible in terms of deadline and budget. It is difficult to generalize costs and have a solid price list of interactive content because each project is different, each is created from the initial idea.

Do you have an idea? Contact us and we will set up a free evaluation of the project.


What can we do for you?