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Short online form that explains it all!


We make great explainer videos that explain all about your product to customers in a fun way

  • creating scripts according to strategic goals
  • visual creation of characters and style – be unique, be top notch
  • complete service, from idea to realization
  • audio visual adaptations to a multitude of languages
  • explainer / how-to / tutorial video
  • DIY / do it yourself video
  • infographics / infographic animation
  • web animation

Explainer videos we created and produced

A simple animated form that can say anything

Video instructions, tutorial video, animation explainer, explainatory video, white board animation…

Ugh, there are a lot of different names, the terminology has not been established yet. What they all have in common is their ability to present something complex in a simple way and in a short form. The most important thing is, not to overdo the amount of information they want to convey. Better to design a series where more can be said, than to forcefully push too much into one form. That is why we are here to let you know what’s best for your project.

Showreel of Explainer videos for our Clients

Explain the essentials quickly and fun

Explainer video briefly and sweetly explains the most important features and specifics of your products or services to customers who don’t have much time or concentration.

  • you want everyone to understand how your application works?
  • you want to explain to potential customers why your webshop is reliable?
  • you want to show why your new product will improve the lives of everyone who buys it?
  • you want users who don’t have time for scrolling to learn all the benefits of your product?
  • you want to share your knowledge with users and teach them useful and practical things?
  • you want every user to know how to install or use your product?
  • you want to make a series of YouTube tutorials?


If the answer is ‘yes’, then you need an explainer video that easily explains the things that matter to your customers and users. An optimally designed explainer video not only conveys information, but through its usefulness, efficiency and wit builds the reputation of your brand. You can use it on all your digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) as well as on YouTube.

What can you achieve with a good explainer video?

strijela koja je pogodila sredinu mete sa uskličnikom, istaknite vjerodostojnost, art directionzgrabi pažnju

You have about EIGHT seconds to catch the attention of an online viewer, who is overwhelmed with tons of content. We can help you keep the viewer’s attention with a combination of attractive animation, useful information and an interesting script.

prikaz rastućeg grafa sa strelicama koje se šire u svim smjerovima, povećaj konverziju, explainer video, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Convince the viewer of your credibility and the usefulness of your product or service. It’s important for the viewer to think “Thes guys actually know what they’re doing.”

A clear and fun video can help you gain the trust of viewers like an experienced in-store salesperson who understands customer needs.

osoba izlaže ideju

Explainer video is a great way to pitch a presentation of your product or service. Are you presenting your product or service to a potential partner or investor? Are you looking for funding for your project? Are you applying for a tender from a ministry or the European Union? No one reads long boring texts. A spectacular and short video increases your chances of success!

Creating a useful video explainer has been proven to improve your level of presence on Google and YouTube. Skillfully selected keywords combined with useful content tailored to the platform, strengthen your visibility and attract potential customers and clients.

Ojacajte svoj brand

The best video explainer doesn’t explain things in a dull way. It subtly conveys the values of your brand through the transmission of useful information. Often explainer video plays a more significant role in building a brand than expensive inspirational television commercials. Why?

For example, it is more important for bank users to understand how your new online banking is used than to make them laugh with a witty TV commercial. The brand is built through all customer interactions.

6 tips for making the best explainer videos

  • make it short – make an explainer video from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, everything else is – too long
  • choose only the most important and useful information for your video
  • ” Ain’t nobody got time for this ” – so grab the viewer’s attention in the first eight seconds of the video
  • don’t be afraid to show off your brand personality in a video whose main purpose is to explain
  • the solved problem creates trust – if you solve the user’s problem with your video, you have gained his trust
  • call to action – at the end of the video motivate viewers to try your product or service – let them know they are welcome

What can we do for you?

Which explainer video style to choose?

Like all other marketing activities, a video strategy should be part of a larger and focused marketing strategy.

Explainer video is one of the tactics by which you can effectively meet the goals set in the strategy. Once you know what you want to achieve, you need to decide how much you want to invest in the video and what its key content will be. Together we can determine the optimal content of the video and select the technique and experts.

We will always take into account the specifics of your industry – of course the scientific institute does not have the same type of communication as the pancake house.

Unless it’s the Pancake Quality Testing Institute.

ruka koja crta scenu, whiteboard animirani video, explainer video, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Sometimes the terms we want to convey to clients or users are dull and abstract, and explaining requires valuable time that you often don’t have. Lately, there is a popular variant of the video with a human hand (which is a bit similar to the one from the Addams family) which writes on a white board and thus presents information. But the hand hides a lot of what is written when moving, so over time we use it less and less and use just the drawn clean line.

Due to the simplicity of animation, this technique is affordable, but… Apart from the fact that such visual solutions have flooded the Internet, often at first glance one whiteboard does not differ much from another. But it is a fun, educational approach that is often used for educational purposes.

As far as commercial application is concerned, this method is good for conveying longer and more complex messages. The animation itself is quite simplified, and the emphasis is not so much on the animation, but on drawing the characters and backgrounds.

ruka na kompjuterskom mišu koja se kreće u desno, motion graphics dinamička tipografija, explainer video, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

The option of 2D motion graphics without the use of characters is also very popular, where we create a story through simple graphic objects. Here, the rhythm of movement is extremely important, because fluid is one of the main factors of this technique.

A special subset of motion graphics animation is dynamic typography. With it, we play only with words and fonts to create an attractive and dynamic message. It is often used for shorter forms because if not combined with slower parts, such as stock footage, it can become boring. This technique is most often used in combination with other animation techniques for writing supers and telops.

minitor sa 2D geometrijskim likovima na ekranu, 2D animacija, explainer video, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

2D animation and imagination can do anything!

The unicorn descends with a colorful slide from a cotton candy cloud into a pool of sticky oatmeal. If you want to communicate something in a visually appealing way – 2D is here for you.

The most popular style of explainer video does not suffer from the “already seen” syndrome because it offers uniqueness and recognition. 2D animation allows storytelling through charming characters who have a problem and solve it with the help of your product or service.

In conclusion, 2D animation is great for shorter informative messages. It is particularly suitable for the promotion of intangible products or services, for example it is often used to present new software or applications. Once the visuals are arranged, the voice of the actor or speaker is recorded based on them, and your video explainer is ready for broadcasting.

minitor iz kojega izlaze 3D geometrijski likovi, 3D animacija, explainer video, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Two dimensions are not enough for you? You’d love to keep that crazy unicorn, but want to show the depth of the mess he got into? Look no further.

In contrast to the more popular 2D, 3D animation is more expensive due to the way it is made, but therefore more impressive and communicates how up-to-date your brand is with the trends. This vivid approach is unique in its ability to display objects and situations in three dimensions that are not really possible, for example, how to show the interior of a sophisticated device while it’s working.

rig u različitim pozama i fazama hodanja, karakterna animacija, explainer video, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Bringing liveliness to the characters is the most challenging task for any animator. Character animation is a category in itself because it introduces a lot of new tasks, but by reviving the character we get emotion, the strongest means against the lack of interest of the viewer.

Character animation is not the icing on the cake of your video cake, it is an important part of its essence, because it is a different approach to writing scripts and directing animated characters. It is much easier to reach the viewer when there is a possibility of emotional connection with the characters.

filmska klapa i osoba iza nje, ziva slika live action, explainer video, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Live action explainer video is a technique most similar to classic advertising. Live actors, film crew behind the camera, 25 frames per second. Unlike advertising, production is greatly simplified for speed and cost.

This approach is suitable for presenting tangible products that are better shown live than through animation. Reason? Human factor. Even though we live in a digital world, human faces, movements and gestures are the easiest things to connect with emotionally.

On the other hand, it is a slightly more expensive approach, but even with a modest budget, we can produce small miracles.

Which style of illustration to choose?

Examples of different styles

Don’t be afraid to be informal!

Just because you’re doing a B2B explainer video for serious colleagues from a serious industry doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be boring. People who do serious work have a lack of concentration because they are overwhelmed with online content.

More importantly – both serious business people and professionals love to laugh!

How to explain the loss in the warehouse of a chemical industry? We revived the styrofoam palette for Resinex that explained it all!



Why choose us?

  • we make every video from scratch and completely adapt it to your needs
  • we understand that your business is dynamic
  • we have developed a fast video explainer production process
  • our original scripts are written by experienced copywriters
  • art direction tailored to your needs – we choose the optimal style of illustrations and the most suitable illustrator from our rich team database
  • original and unique illustrations
  • we work with the best speakers – we offer professional voice-over in all languages
  • we offer audio visual adaptations to foreign languages

What can we do for you?