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… and those yet to become.

Creative content that will inspire you and your users

  • designing and developing the concept of video content
  • Copywriting and Screenwriting
  • director’s mood board and breakdown
  • production and cost estimate/budget breakdown
  • Art Direction – choosing the optimal visual style
  • design and illustration of characters, environments, products…
  • 2D and 3D previews
  • format adaptation to digital channels
  • UX design – user experience design
  • crafting mascots and costumes

Complete video content that we have designed and produced for our Clients

What can we do for you?

Let's create a great campaign together - despite the budget!

The need for video campaigns on the Internet and in traditional media is growing every day. Deadlines are getting shorter, and budgets are often getting thinner. However, despite all the limitations, one thing never changes – you need to impress your customers because the future of your business depends on it. We strive to create campaigns in actual conditions, according to realistic strategies, for real users. We develop ideas that will provide the optimal effect in absolute terms and whose implementation will be at the highest possible professional level.

MALA NOĆNA MUZIKA | Film Production (2008)

Creative services that create your recognizable content

Brojka is a creative agency with roots in creative video production and a digital heart. Over the years of working on various marketing projects, we have honed our creative superpowers and learned how to transfer creativity from video to digital channels where your audience spends time. We always start from a strategy that gives birth to an idea. The idea gives rise to a story that we transform into various forms of content; video, animation, social media content, interactive experience or video game.



How do we know the solution we are creating is optimal for you? We are always guided by the guidelines of the strategy, which takes into account the target audience, the type of industry, service or product, and the goals to be achieved within the given framework. We have accumulated experience working on many B2B and B2C campaigns, so choosing the right tone of communication and animation style is at our fingertips.


What kind of creative solutions do we offer?

Creative control is not a bad word. It just means that one person or one team working on your case has all the elements of quality and creativity on their mind – all the time.

ruke koje pišu na pisaćoj mašini, kreativna agencija, kreativna rješenja, copywriting

Professional marketing communication necessarily requires a person called a copywriter. Her role is to design the campaign and translate the idea into a text that will attract attention. In short, copywriting is creative writing in the service of brand, promotion and sales. Copywriters are masters of the word but also masters of the story because every message is more powerful if it has an emotional component to which the audience can relate.

  • need an ad that will make your audience laugh and encourage them to try out your new product?
  • need a video that explains how to use your product in the simplest way possible?
  • need employer branding videos that present your business as a place where everyone wants to work?

And then, you need a professional copywriter who will create a script that optimally fits the needs of your campaign. That script will be the spark that will move all the other creatives in the process, from illustrators, through animators to actors and post-production masters.

Ruka koja drži kist, flomaster i olovku, art direction, art dizajn, kreativna rješenja, kreativna agencija

We live in the age of Instagram, when even an ordinary dinner with friends has to look like a shot from a lovely commercial. While the most important thing is WHAT is told, it is also essential HOW it is told because your audience is used to using top-notch visual content online and offline.

The old “show don’t tell” or “deeds, not words” is always valid in video production. “Show” is crucial, so the decision on visual style is one of the most important in the video production process.

The visual style of the video must match the personality of your brand. Do you often find promotional videos on the Internet that look generic, whether they are “ironed” faces of people laughing or simple, colourful animations? You’ve probably come across a video company that decided to create a video using stock footage – consumer videos that are easily purchased on specialized sites. But do you want to leave the impression of a generic, boring company? Or do you want your brand story and product specifics to inspire your customers?

Clearly, you want the latter. And here’s why it’s essential to create a unique visual style:

  • the original characters create an emotional connection with the audience
  • a specific colour palette creates a relationship with the audience on a subconscious level
  • original visuals are a hallmark of a successful company or premium product
  • the initial visual style automatically sets you apart from the sea of mediocrity.
Zgužvani papir, papiri sa crtežima, predvizualizacija, concept art, kreativna rješenja, kreativna rješenja

Even when we all agree on the idea that will be the foundation of your campaign, each of us will have a slightly different view of the final product in our heads. For our communication to flow as well as possible and the end result to be great, everyone needs to know as soon as possible what the video will look like in the end.

Pre-visualization is essential at this stage.

It includes visual materials that are created in the process of video development before the recording itself begins. And here are the primary stages:

  • internal elaboration of the concept – at this stage, the sketches significantly help both creatives and clients in coming up with the idea – the goal is not beautiful, but a functional drawing that shows the most important
  • Concept art – professional illustrations of characters, backgrounds or sets that clearly show the visual style of the video
  • Storyboard – display the flow of the video in the form of a comic strip, visualized
  • Video storyboard and animation – simple animations that show us the movements, cuts and rhythm of editing

More things we designed and produced

We are with you through all the key stages of video, animation or interactive campaign development

  • creating ideas and scenarios that will best respond to the tasks set by the strategy
  • selecting the style of video or animation that will convey the message in a way that best suits your target audience
  • production and adaptation of video content for all important platforms on which your campaign takes place

Original homemade CREATIVE! Freshly squeezed every day!

Creativity is present in all our projects.

A superbly crafted creative idea tailored to key digital channels has the best chance of reaching your target audience. We can be the wheel in your communication system. We can also conduct the entire production cycle independently, from the idea to the finished video campaign.

We are experts in video content on social networks because we have learned from experience what video content works best for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.



What do you get out of it?

ključ u ruke, potpuna usluga, kreativna rješenja, kreativa

From the idea to the realization and the adaptation of the format to the digital channels, we firmly hold the reins so that what is conceived at the beginning is realized in the best way.

whiteboard sa, promišljena kreativa, kreativna rješenja, kreativa

We create the content that best suits your already set strategy, or we can design the best strategy for our content with you.

ruka koja pokazuje ok, ruka vegeta, vrhunska kvaliteta, kreativna agencija, kreativna rješenja,

Original top products delivered on time and budget.

What can we do for you?