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 Video content of high production value. 






We create superbly produced, creative and memorable TV commercials

  • skilled copywriting – designs the concept and script of the advertisement
  • making a storyboard
  • making a production plan
  • casting actors and extras
  • illustration and animation of characters
  • making animation of telop, super and everything you need
  • voice-over with the best announcers
  • adaptation of TV commercials for different markets
  • adaptation of TV commercials for social networks

TV commercials we created and produced

TV is on fire! (even in the era of the Internet)

We are all connected to the Internet, day and night, but television has proven to be an extremely resilient medium. We also watch TV while on our mobile phones – we have developed this great ability to watch two screens at the same time. The family still gathers around television and in the third decade of the 21st century this ‘old’ medium is still strong, interesting and adaptable. Even when we don’t watch it with attention, television ‘lives’ in the background, creating the soundtrack of our lives.

When do you need TV commercials as part of your marketing strategy?

The cost of renting advertising space on local and national televisions is quite high. That’s why it’s important to know if it would be a smart investment or if you could reach your audience by using a different communication channel.

It’s best to choose a form of TV commercial when your marketing strategy requires one of the following:

  • quick reach to a wide range of people and target audience
  • promotion of a new consumer product
  • rapid notification of promotional sales on the national level
  • launching of a new brand – the so-called image video
  • promoting products in slots during popular shows, whose audience is your potential customer

What can you achieve with a good TV commercial?

avion koji leti velikom brzinom, brz doseg, tv reklama, video produkcija, produkcija video sardžaja

A large number of viewers from your target group will see the TV commercial in a few days of broadcasting. If the ad is interesting enough, the word about it will spread in everyday conversations as well.

zemlja sa brand karticom na ekranu televizora, izgradnja branda, tv reklama, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

TV commercials provide great visibility, so in addition to promoting a specific product, use precious seconds to show the personality of your brand.

televizor sa uskličnikom na ekranu sa strelicama u svim smjerovima, povećana relevantnost, tv reklama, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

Television content has a high level of credibility. People still think, “If it’s on Tv – it certainly matters.” Television is an trustfull ‘old’ medium.

Mlijeko na bazi soje teče iz boce, kadar iz videa za Adez, tv reklama, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja
3D modeli ptica u letu, kadar iz novogodišnjeg spota Adris, 3D animacija, tv reklama, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja
ilustracija Oryxa u ulozi doktora sa stetoskopom ispred bolnice, art direction, copywriting, tv reklama, kreativna agencija, produkcija video sadržaja

What kind of TV Commercial do you need?

From feature form to animation, or both! Anything is possible!

Read more about the possible types and techniques on our VIDEO PRODUCTION page.

What does the process of making a TV commercial look like?


The first thing we want is to hear the story of your brand, company or product. Then , in collaboration with our experts, we plan how to turn your story into the story of your clients.

Preproduction is the base of video production and includes:

  • screenplay development
  • previsualisation
  • casting and working with actors
  • location scouting and permits
  • other production paperwork

Preparation is very much reflected in the production itself. For example, excluding location permits can result with cancelling the process, which is the worst possible option because it is a waste of time and money. 


The magic of the film set is the main reason why many of are in this business. Although we are enthusiasts, we take great care of details to make a top quality product.

Production is the process of creating video content and may contain all or some of the following:

  • organisation of the film set
  • camera department
  • light department
  • sound department
  • director’s department
  • casting department
  • transport and catering department
  • supervision of special effects on set / SPFX
  • supervision of special postproduction effects / VFX

Raw materials in the form of audio and video files are ready for editing and final formatting.

Now we need to process them:

  • image and sound edit
  • color correction (grading) and finalisation of the picture
  • composing the music
  • sound design; special sound effects, audio mix
  • implementing 2D and 3D animations, graphics and telop
  • final editing and composing
  • video formatting

We insert all the elements defined in the preproduction phase: text, graphics and messages that communicate the values ​​of your brand. Once the video is complete and you have reviewed and approved it, we are converting it to the best formats for the media channels through which it will be promoted.


What do we bring to the table?

  • we make every video from scratch and completely adapt it to your needs
  • we understand that your business is dynamic – we have developed a fast process of TV commercial production
  • our original scripts are written by experienced copywriters
  • we offer art direction tailored to your needs – we choose the optimal style of original illustrations and the most suitable illustrator from our rich database of collaborators
  • we work with the best directors and directors of photography
  • we work with the best speakers – we offer professional voice-over in all languages
  • we offer adaptations to foreign languages

What is the duration of a TV commercial?

Sfinga mačka, kratka forma 10 - 15 sekundi, tv reklama, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

An advertisement in which the key message is communicated extremely quickly and efficiently. These are usually ads that promote sales via shortened (cutdown) versions of standard-length ads, which serve to remind the audience of the campaign.

normalna mačka, srednja forma oko 27 sekundi, tv reklama, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

The standard duration of an advertisement is enough to tell the story of a product or brand, whether the strategy dictates a sales campaign that promotes product benefits, or whether the goal is to build a brand image through an emotional narrative.

perzijska mačka, duga forma oko 60 sekundi, tv reklama, video produkcija, produkcija video sadržaja

It is used less frequently due to its price. It is usually intended for image campaigns of large corporations or global brands. Such commercials often have the highest level of production. Sometimes a longer version of an advertisement is produced for the internet, and a shortened version is shown on television due to the cost of advertising space.

More TV commercials we created and produced

How Croatia met ORYX

For ORYX Assistance, a leader in roadside assistance, we created a marketing campaign and animated TV commercial, aimed at strengthening brand recognition.

The campaign that was supposed to present the character of the Oryx antelope and ORYX Assistance to the audience is planned for June and July 2018, during the World Cup in Russia. We were lucky that our football team Vatreni played better than ever, so the Croats did not separate from the TV screen.

During the campaign, 50% of the total number of online membership applications were submitted compared to the whole year. The ORYX Assistance website recorded 70% more visits than in the same period last year.

After the campaign, a survey was conducted which showed that the ORYX Assistance brand recall increased by more than 100%!


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