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Allow us to make a story that will awe your audience.

We are a creative production agency that creates exceptional content for all channels of communication. We produce commercials, movies, documentaries, animations, VR experiences and a lot more. From idea to realisation - you're good to go.

Creative Services

Creativity is one of the keys to success, so without it you chance drowning in the sea of obscurity, even if you have a stellar product. Approach us with your idea, and you can be confident we will realise it into a project.



We create. Whatever you imagine we can realise with highest production values according to the given budget. In the end, it is what we all want - to get a good value for our money or a bang for our buck.


Visual Arts

Our team will transform ideas and concepts into stunning visuals, ranging from illustrations to 3D models and visual effects magick.


Immersive Experiences

Consumption of content is becoming evermore interactive - from promotional campaigns that aim to create more audience engagement all the way to gamifying the business processes. So, by adding to the equation Virtual reality and Augmented reality we can open a lot of different channels to expand communication in new directions.



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Brojka in






First Year

Brojka is Zagreb-based production company, founded in #2001 by friends who shared the same vision of audiovisual production.

Core Team Members

The core of our team is our faithful pack of #7, plus our #17 regular freelancers.


In our content creating practice we have realised #2472 projects so far, #323 in just the last two years

Hours of Content

We produced over #6 hours and #50 minutes of content, broadcast across #11 different media channels.

Years into the Future

We have been consistently delivering all things visual for #19 years now and, according to the Lindy Effect, can expect to continue doing so for at least another #19.


We are a crew of creatives
that bring stories to life.